Our daughter is 18 months old, and ever since she started THE WOODS, she has been thriving! She’s gained so much vocabulary and comes home singing songs she has learned. She also became more comfortable with meeting new people. In social events, she confidently greets other children and wants to play with them.

The Woods keeps her busy and learning throughout the day. Our daughter gets excited when showing us her art projects. We’ve also noticed that she wants to read more books. She loves all of her teachers and will greet them with hugs in the morning. I can’t say enough about the staff. They are very caring and attentive, and we’re glad we decided to enroll our daughter here!

—Jennifer and Justin Daniel


When we found THE SPRINGS (The Woods’ sister school) in 2017, we found everything we were looking for in a  Montessori environment. For two years, our daughter thrived in a safe place where she was welcomed, loved, challenged, and offered opportunities that we could not provide at home. We are in awe as we watch our child sing and speak in a second language; we are proud to watch her take ownership over herself and her independence; and we are heart-warmed the way she shows empathy for others.

Fast-forward two years and we now have the privilege of being apart of THE WOODS’ family. The classrooms are child-led, the teachers actively seek professional development, and the students are given the freedom to question, discover, and connect.

As a family, we are so excited to watch THE WOODS become a vital contributor to the Montessori community.

—Thresea Green